Juki TL-2200 QVP Longarm Quilting Machine

Juki TL-2200 QVP Longarm Quilting Machine

Juki TL-2200 QVP Longarm Quilting Machine

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Juki TL-2200QVP Quilting Machine
Juki Virtuoso Longarm Frame
Juki Leaders
Juki Bobbins (20)
Juki Needles (50)
Ruler/Template Package
Laser Light
Thread Pack


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  • 5 Year Warranty (1 Year Parts & Labor;    2-5 Year Parts)


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Features of the Juki TL-2200 QVP
Long Arm Quilting Machine:

  • 18” x 10" Extra Large Workspace
    • Discover the impressive 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle. Even more impressive is the 10-inch height, unlike most long arm quilting machines which only provide an 8-inch height or less.
  • Built-in Stitch Regulator with 4 Stitching Modes
    • Cruise, Precise, Manual, and Baste
      • Work on your project the way you see fit!
      • With four different stitch modes you can set up your stitching preferences and obtain the results you are looking for without added effort.
    • Allows you to control the number of stitches per inch.
    • Start, stop, speed up, and slow down the quilting machine while still delivering consistent, even stitch lengths.
  • 2,200 Stitches Per Minute Maximum Sewing Speed
    • Obtain faster results! The TL-2200QVP offers professional speed so you can complete projects in record time.
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer 
    • The machine is equipped with an automatic thread trimmer device that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads at the sewing end with the press of a button. It uses the thread trimming mechanism.
    • No other Long Arm Quilting Machine has this feature!
  • Easy Threading
  • Quick Response Direct Drive Motor System
    • No belts to slip off the motor.
    • Internal motor provides a quiet, smooth operation.
  • Independent Built-in Bobbin Winder
    • The built-in bobbin winder has its own motor independent of the machine, so you can wind bobbins while you continue to quilt or while the machine is idle.
  • Needle up/down Stop Position Control
    • Easily move the needle up or down with the included Needle Up/Down Button
  • Easy Access Auxiliary Hand Wheel
    • If the machine is off you can use the easy to reach hand wheel on the front of the machine allowing you to raise and lower the needle without having to turn on the machine or reach all the way around to the wheel on the back of the machine.
  • Large Color LCD Display
    • Maintain absolute control with a top of the line Color LCD display where you can manage the stitch regulator, light settings, needle speed, stitch length, and all you need to complete your masterpiece.
    • Indicates
      • Stitch Regulator Mode
      • LED Light Settings
      • Needle Speed
      • Stitch Speed
  • Large Capacity High Speed Rotary Hook
    • Decrease the frequency of bobbin thread changing and also enable sewing work with increased efficiency.
  • Easy Reach Bobbin System
    • A new bobbin case latch and an enlarged bobbin case area make it easier to remove and replace the bobbin.
  • Adjustable Front Handles
    • Added comfort and maneuverability with the adjustable front and rear handles that will give you complete control over your project from any position around the machine.
    • The TL2200 QVP comes equipped with ergonomic handles for ease and comfort while quilting. The ergonomic handles swivel into micro handles for precise close up detailed work!
  • Handle Bar Controls
    • Start/Stop - Needle Up/Down controls at your fingertips.
  • High Intensity LED Lights Above Needle
    • Ultra Bright LED Lights over the needle area illuminate your workspace like never before, making it easy to see detailed work, while simultaneously reducing strain on your eyes.
  • 6 Ultra-Bright LED Lights Over Work Area
  • Commercial Quality Quilting Machine
    • Juki is the Leading manufacturer of industrial sewing machines worldwide. Juki has taken this industrial knowledge and experience and put it into this long arm quilting machine for home use. The result is a unique heavy-duty high quality long arm quilting machine that all quilters are sure to love.
  • Dry Head System
    • Thanks to the advanced dry-head technology, no lubrication is required except for the hook section. This eliminates oil stains on the sewing product.
  • Made in Japan.
    • The TL2200QVP is made and assembled entirely in Juki's leading industrial manufacturing plant in Japan.

Juki Virtuoso Longarm Solid Steel Frame included:

  • Solid Steel Frame Sets up at 5 Feet or 10 Feet
  • Quick Release Bar System with Take-up Bar
    • The included take-up bar allows you to roll up your quilt all the way without making any adjustments to the frame, unlike most other quilting machine frames where you have to adjust the rails up and down as the quilt fills the machine throat.
  • Adjustable Height
  • Ultra Glide Tracking System
    • Eight Ball bearings hug the track of the frame, ensuring smooth even quilting at all times.
    • Allows for easy sewing down the length and width of the frame giving you smooth sewing every time. 
  • Optional 2 Foot Extension to bring the length to 7 Feet or 12 Feet.


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